Destination Services

You are not just moving, you are moving forward.

Relocating is an exciting but stressful time for employees and their families. IOR Destination Services provides stability and support during the relocation process to ease the transition and enable employees and their families to settle in, adapt and thrive in their new communities and roles.

Our service offerings.

Area Orientation

The best way to decide if this is the city for you! Our tours include viewing a few sample rental properties, school visits, transportation options and special areas of interest within the community.


Home Finding

IOR’s Destination Consultants use their local knowledge to save time and money for our clients. They are true advocates for relocating employees focused on finding the best rental properties within their budget.


School Search

We work closely with families to research suitable options for public and private schools, check availability and registration requirements, schedule interviews and assist with enrollment documentation.



Our Destination Consultants help relocating employees secure bank accounts, meet local and national registration requirements, obtain their driver’s license, provide utility set up information and much more.


Tenancy Management

IOR provides valuable support over the course of the assignment from payment of security deposits upfront to assistance with repair and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

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Departure Service

We work closely with relocating employees to facilitate the return of the security deposit, conduct a final walk through and help close out utilities, bank accounts and local memberships.

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Domestic Destination

Moving within the US can often be just as challenging as an international move!  We support domestic transferees in finding the best, most cost-effective rental housing options in minimal time.

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Our people and our processes distinguish us from the rest.

We focus on being a true partner to our clients by offering consistently exceptional quality, responsiveness, customization and value. Our Destination Consultants make authentic, empathetic connections with the relocating employees while highly efficient business management processes and proprietary technologies support the administrative details in the background.

  • Extensive Coverage, Local Knowledge

    IOR has over 500 active Destination Consultants covering all 50 US states with deep coverage of all major metro areas.  We can expand our service to add fully-trained Destination Consultants in new locations usually within two weeks.  IOR also covers select global locations.  We offer deep knowledge of local areas, real estate markets and schools and provide value-added resources for clients and assignees including our proprietary City Guides and Rental Market Guides.

  • Customized Solutions, Responsive Service

    While we adhere to a rigorous quality system to produce a consistent and repeatable process, we also work closely with our clients to provide customized solutions for relocating employees. Our proprietary Gateway program management system automates the service delivery process, enabling our highly-experienced team to devote more personal attention to relocating employees and provide real-time updates and unparalleled responsiveness for clients.

  • Cost Savings

    We know that companies are focused on getting a return on their investment, and IOR delivers.  In 2018, we achieved rental and cost savings that generated a 76% return on investment for our clients.  That means that over the course of a two-year assignment, our programs pay for themselves.  From concessions on rent to savings on parking and other amenities, IOR Destination Consultants are laser-focused on providing cost savings to each employee they support.

“Thank you so much for all your help! You have been superstars over here getting us all the support we have needed. You have really been there for us all the way! IOR deserves nothing but the highest of scores for the help and service you have provided. We are so happy we got you as our relocation agent! Thank you again!”

– IOR Assignee, San Francisco

Destination Services IOR Global

“Thank you so much. The apartment is wonderful. I have been lucky to be surrounded this whole journey by amazing people! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to help me through this entire process!”

– IOR Assignee, New York City

“It hit me how much we, the Destination Consultants, mean to these people and how much a smile, a friendly word, showing compassion and putting ourselves on their shoes can make all the difference in their beginnings in a new country.”

– Annette, IOR Destination Services Consultant

“Thank you, IOR, for allowing me to transform the passion for helping people into a job… and for giving me the opportunity to make people`s lives a little better!”

– Jennifer, IOR Destination Services Consultant

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