Home Finding


Looking for a new home is an exciting and emotional time for employees and their families. Our Destination Consultants know that a big part of their job is to balance the needs of the employee with the housing guidelines and budget provided by their company. With this information in mind, Destination Consultants develop a home-search agenda offering a variety of housing options that address employee requirements. Once a property is selected, the Destination Consultant works with the family on behalf of the client to negotiate the lease and then assists in creating a property inventory, setting up utilities and sourcing rental furniture and appliances as needed. IOR’s Destination Consultants are in touch with the family throughout the entire process to ensure a seamless delivery and provide companies and their employees with significant savings that can more than pay for the cost of the service.

IOR provides professional, non-legal lease reviews within a 4-business hour timeframe. We review the lease checklist with the employee to ensure they feel comfortable with the lease they are signing.  Having this type of personalized support saves the relocating employee hours of time and money before they sign on the dotted line.


Self-directed Home Finding

While we treat all relocating employees like VIP’s, not everyone has a VIP budget.  IOR offers budget-conscious and self-directed Home Finding options that are ideally suited for relocating employees with lump-sum budgets. Our self-directed programs provide a unique blend of virtual and in person support that offers the experience and insight of a local Destination Consultant who works “behind the scenes” for the more independent assignee.