Certified Processes

The EuRA Global Quality Seal is based on the ISO-9001 process management model which specifies the processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that reflect the very highest standards in relocation services.

Exceptional Results

By earning and maintaining the EuRA Global Quality Seal, IOR is committed to measuring and exceeding industry-leading standards for quality, responsiveness and client service, which we have done every year since 2014.

Consistently Exceptional Quality

The IOR Quality System (the IQ System), is based on continuous improvement methodology. Through the IQ System, IOR focuses on making incremental improvements on an on-going basis to our processes. We use the IQ System to guide our process, measure our performance and generate ideas for doing even better. Our goal is to continuously evaluate ways to improve customer satisfaction and quality, increase efficiency, reduce costs and consistently exceed our own high standards.

Best-in-class quality doesn’t happen by accident… we have a proven system for achieving it


All evaluation results are monitored and compared with our established KPI targets.  If any areas are not consistently exceeding our targets, we determine the root cause and make changes to improve our processes.


IOR’s management team regularly reviews the KPI data to identify trends and proactively implement actions to ensure improvements in service delivery.  This enables IOR to move from corrective to preventive actions.


We establish clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every aspect of the relocation service delivery.  We also partner with our clients to incorporate, measure and exceed their KPIs.


Client and assignee feedback is critical to improving our quality, and we incorporate an evaluation process for every program.  We also solicit client feedback via our Annual Client Survey.

Providing a personal touch in a virtual world

Does your provider of Destination Service, Cultural Training or Language Training manage its programs with secure technology as a back-bone?  Does their automated, work-flow system allow more time for the human side of relocation support? IOR’s proprietary technology enhances the employees’ relocation experience and provides security for our Relocation Management partners.


  • GDPR and US-EU Privacy Shield compliant

  • Fully automated work-flow systems

  • IRMA: proprietary consultant database & portal

  • 24/7 assignee resource access with IOR Apps

  • Real-time reporting and analytics

  • API enabled for client integration

IOR is a leader in mobility innovation

IOR’s technological innovations have automated our administrative processes to ensure high-quality, secure, and real-time reporting for our relocation partners. Relocating assignees have 24/7 access to program information and IOR’s up-to-date resources (including City Guides, Rental Market Guides, and Cultural Insights) through the IOR DS and Language Apps. Keeping security at top of mind, we exceed the highest industry standards for security and data protection through GDPR compliance and the US-EU Privacy Certification.

We provide customized solutions because no two clients or assignees are alike.

We take great pride in working closely with our clients and their employees to provide customized global mobility solutions to best meet their specific needs and budgets. Our highly experienced Program Managers handle a limited number of programs to ensure high-touch service and responsiveness. But don’t take our word, ask our clients who rated IOR 4.8 out of 5.0 on our Responsiveness in our Annual Client Survey.

Guaranteed value. Demonstrated Return on Investment.

We know that companies are focused on getting a return on their investment, and IOR delivers.  In 2022, we achieved rental and cost savings that generated a return on investment of more than 115% for our clients.  That means that over the course of a two-year assignment, our programs pay for themselves.  From concessions on rent to savings on parking and other amenities, IOR Destination Consultants are laser-focused on providing cost savings to each employee they support.

  • IOR = ROI

    Our Destination Services pay for themselves. IOR is leading the industry in generating and documenting rental and cost savings for our clients.  After every Destination Services program, our Consultants detail rental and other cost savings they achieved for the relocating employee.  In 2022, we generated a Return on Investment of 115% for our Destination Services clients (ROI = savings / program cost).

  • Language Training and Cultural Training Guarantees

    We are so confident that employees and companies will find value in our Cultural Training and Language Training programs that IOR is the only company in the industry that GUARANTEES the quality of the service. Our Training Guarantees ensure a solid Return on Investment for our clients.

  • Relocation Services for Every Budget

    While we treat every assignee like a VIP, not everyone has a VIP budget. IOR offers a variety of high quality, budget conscious programs including those for self-directed assignees and lump-sum budgets.  We also provide a variety of flexible delivery options designed to address the assignee’s busy schedule.