Language Training

Being an effective communicator can be challenging. Let us help you talk your way to the top!

Employees who can communicate effectively across languages and cultures give their businesses a competitive advantage in today’s global market. IOR can help advance your global talent through in-person and virtual corporate language training that is completely customized to best meet your employees’ goals and needs.

Our Service Offerings

One-on-One Training

Customized one-on-one Language Training for any student type: assignees, spouses, children, and small groups. IOR introduces each student to a teacher that matches their needs, schedule, and goals. A Personal Development Plan is developed for each student, identifying concrete goals that can be accomplished within the authorized hours.

Virtual Training

Individual and Group Language Training can be scheduled in person, online, or using a blended approach. Some students choose one modality for the duration of their program while others mix-and-match as their schedules or needs dictate. Virtual language training has the same scope and expected outcomes as in-person training.

Self-Paced Learning

Customized program combining online, self-paced instruction with one-on-one Language Coaching. Each student moves through Mango Languages online modules at their own pace; Mango’s adaptive content adjusts in difficulty as the program progresses. Students are supported by check-ins from an IOR team member every 30 days, have access to a Virtual Language Coach for up to 10 hours of focused practice and instruction, and take two level assessments to measure their progress.

Corporate Group Training

Language Training that is perfect for a global team, those with international clients and customers, or anyone working in a diverse workforce. Corporate Group Language Trainers will come to your office or meet with a group virtually to deliver highly customized and relevant instruction to the team – whatever their needs may be.

We're fluent in technology

IOR is committed to investing in technology that modernizes the assignee experience and ensures the highest level of data security while streamlining our internal processes for productivity and efficiency.

  • IOR's Language App

    IOR’s Language App allows assignees to track the status of their program, contact key people involved in their language support, review documents related to their curriculum (PDP, progress reports, exam results, and more), and confirm their attendance at all language lessons.


    IOR’s strategic use of technology and innovative new tools enhances accuracy and efficiency of each Language Program. Our proprietary IOR Language App allows each student to stay up-to-the minute on their language progress, monitor their benefit, get in touch with key contacts, and more. Our technology provides transparency and encourages each student to take full advantage of their benefit while ensuring top-quality support.

    Our Gateway system automates the program management process, enabling us to work efficiently and remain highly cost competitive while providing individualized attention.

  • Virtual Lessons

    IOR’s Virtual Training can occur on any platform that may be required by a student’s employer (Teams, WebEx), preferred by the student (Zoom, Google Hangouts), or necessitated by their home countries’ online access (WeChat). This flexibility allows our lessons to happen with minimal tech issues wherever, whenever.

Guaranteed Results

IOR is proud to be the only company in the industry that offers a Language Training Guarantee.  If the assignee would not recommend the program after 30 hours of lessons, your client will receive the next 10 hours of lessons FREE!

We speak outside the box

IOR’s superior language trainer network, commitment to quality and flexible approach ensure an exceptional language-learning experience for students of all levels and professional backgrounds. With our commitment to each individual student and their unique goals, IOR Guarantees a top-notch program every time.

  • Exceptional Quality…Guaranteed

    IOR is the only Language Training company in the industry to offer a Language Training Guarantee! If the assignee would not recommend the program after 30 hours of lessons, your client will receive the next 10 hours of lessons free. IOR holds the EuRA Global Quality Seal and is committed to exceeding industry leading standards for quality, responsiveness and client service.

  • Customization & Flexibility

    We thoroughly examine the needs of assignees and their families to determine the best Trainer and learning plan to suit their linguistic goals, schedule, and personality. IOR Language Trainers build a customized curriculum for each assignee, choosing a variety of level-appropriate materials to meet their needs and pique their personal interest.

  • Global Trainer Community

    Our extensive global network of highly experienced, professional Trainers and nimble resourcing team allow us to match students with the best Corporate Language Trainers in the industry, quickly. As of November 2020, IOR has over 1000 Language Trainers located throughout the world in our network and about half are currently supporting IOR Language Students.

“Development of communication skills is a springboard for building all types of relationships in the business world as well as in the community, with family and friends. My language teaching skills open up a world of possibilities for self-expression as well as access to other cultures for my students.  I strongly believe I have the ability to improve people’s lives.”

– IOR Language Instructor, China

Language Training

“I love seeing that ‘aha!’ moment flash across my student’s face. I love working with executives from all over the world and helping them feel relaxed and confident about conversing in English and doing presentations in the workplace.  IOR’s students are among the best and the brightest and I am proud to be associated with them!”

– IOR Language Instructor, Houston

“My initial goal and expectation was to establish a firm base of English language skills that would allow me to communicate with people in a working environment without any stress. We surpassed these goals right away, and then we established higher goals. My English communication skills has improved further than I could ever imagine.”

– IOR Language Student, Connecticut

“The most valuable part of this language program that it is adapted to my individual needs. The flexible schedule is convenient for me because I have other things to do during the day. I am very happy with the course itself, my teacher has high level of knowledge in English and provides great quality service.”

– IOR Language Student, Seattle

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