Intercultural Solutions

Empowering your talent for the global market.

Building productive and rewarding relationships across cultures is key to successful global leadership and to living and working in a new host culture. Employees who take the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to adapt to their new environment are more effective and productive in their roles and careers whether working remotely or from a corporate office. 

Our Intercultural Solutions

Intercultural Training for Relocation

Building the knowledge and skills to adapt to living and working in a new host culture is the key to a successful global assignment. IOR’s Intercultural Training programs equip employees and their accompanying household members with the necessary tools to have a successful assignment. 

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Global Talent Development

IOR’s offers robust, engaging workshops and webinars for individuals and teams who are working globally, while not relocating, across all levels of the organization. Country specific workshops on Working Effectively Across Cultures address topics including intercultural communication, decision making and conflict management to build more effective and successful global teams and leadership. 


Intercultural Coaching

Whether in a team setting or for an individual global leader, IOR’s intercultural coaching delivers results to achieve improved performance and adaptation of effective practices over time.  

IOR’s Coaching develops successful global leaders and teams, who become more effective and collaborative with a greater ability to manage challenges and deliver results. 

Assessment Tools

Intercultural Assessments provide a research-based foundation for selecting and developing global talent across cultures using measurable developmental targets.  IOR integrates a wide variety of tools to best meet specific talent goals from pre-assignment candidacy to global leadership skills development.


Leveraging talent for global innovation

IOR’s customized, flexible, engaging approach to Intercultural Training and our professional global network of experienced intercultural trainers Guarantees that our programs will lead to greater intercultural competence of employees and their companies. 

Our programs focus on building the skills and strategies that employees need to work successfully across cultures. 

  • Exceptional Quality…Guaranteed

    IOR is the only company in the industry to offer a Cultural Training Guarantee. If your employee would not recommend our cross-cultural training program, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

  • Industry-Leading Client and Customer Service

    We offer multiple training and coaching programs that are fully customized to best meet employee needs, along with flexible delivery options to best suite their busy schedules. Our highly responsive team keeps clients informed and up-to-date at all times. 

  • Integration of Global Talent & Global Mobility

    IOR provides a comprehensive approach to developing global talent including: employee selection and development through the use of assessment tools;  an on-line, interactive cultural training resource and individualized profile is included in all relocation training programs; a full suite of cultural leadership and employee development programs to build skills for navigating intercultural communication in today’s workplace culture. 

“My trainer was phenomenal. Her own experiences and approach to explaining cultural training made the content easier to grasp. I was impressed by her knowledge, as well as how much she truly cared about the client. Really she was more like a life coach than anything.” 

– IOR Cultural Training Participant 

A Cultural Trainer with IOR Global Services

“We had an exceptional Trainer who went above and beyond in assessing our needs and creating a program that worked for our family. She answered our questions thoughtfully and was a great help in navigating our new community.” 

– IOR Cultural Training Participant 

Cultural Training With IOR Global Services
IOR Cultural Training is virtually everywhere

“Working at IOR is both professionally and personally rewarding. It is a great pleasure to work in a team where everyone is passionate about each program’s success. I am thrilled to work with a company where I can exercise my skills and creativity to the fullest potential in pursuit of collective goals.” 

– IOR Cultural Trainer 

Global Talent Development with IOR

“IOR is excellent in explaining the value of what we do to the assignees and is always open to feedback. Through an open dialogue we were able to expand the IOR programs to other parts of the client’s organizations or the assignee’s family members innumerous times, which is very exciting!” 

– IOR Cultural Trainer 

  • A Cultural Trainer with IOR Global Services
  • 50+

    Trainers Internationally

  • Cultural Training With IOR Global Services
  • IOR Cultural Training is virtually everywhere
  • Global Talent Development with IOR
  • 250+

    Locations Worldwide

Cultural Training Guarantee

We are proud to be the only company in the industry that offers the Cultural Training Guarantee – if your employee would not recommend the program, you don’t pay.