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Destination Support in Domestic Moves Matters

US domestic moves are easier than global, right? Think twice. While many employees simply ask their work colleagues for advice and hire a Realtor to get housing and schooling information, they may not be getting the full story.

Global Mobility professionals … Read More »


Do you KISS your clients?

At the EuRA International Relocation Congress held recently in Warsaw, Poland, IOR President Kendra Mirasol led a popular panel discussion highlighting continuous improvement strategies for Destination Services Providers around the globe.  Audience members were also introduced to the KISS exercise … Read More »


IOR Wins Three Prestigious Partner Awards

Left to Right: Sterling Partnership Award, TheMIGroup Americas Relocation Service Partner of the Year, Aires Circle of Excellence

IOR Global Services (“IOR”) was honored to accept three highly regarded partner awards at the EuRA International Relocation … Read More »


Assignees moving to the US? Top FAQ’s

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Cheryl Hart, GMS Director, Destination Services

1) Will the rental properties I view in the Spring months be available when I move in the Summer?

No, not likely! The goal of a … Read More »


The Modern Assignee: As Cool as Coffee?

“Wanna get a Starbucks?” my friend asked as we enjoyed a walk recently.  “Sure!” I replied, looking forward to my regular order and the classic … Read More »


The Practice of Empathy

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  Cheryl Hart, GMS      Director, Destination Services

I am often asked: how do IOR and your Destination Consultants help global assignees feel comfortable in their new locations and my … Read More »


7 Ways to Extract Tangible Value with Destination Services

Educating the assignee on housing materials is essential in helping them properly care for their rental. For example, while stone, tile and concrete are commonly used in some countries, an assignee may be unfamiliar with vinyl, carpet and drywall. Incidents … Read More »


The Expat in the US: Big City Lights vs. Small Town Life

A conversation with IOR Destination Services Consultants Susan Maguire & Heather Rickard

While the challenges and benefits to beingSusan_MaguireHeather RickardRead More »


Taking a Talent Management Approach to Destination Services

Despite the continuing trend of Talent Management aligning with Global Mobility, not much has been written about the Talent Management aspects of Destination Services (DS).  These services are typically viewed as … Read More »

Houston Texas

Houston: An American Emerging Market?

Home to the largest medical community in the world, Houston is also known for its “energy corridor” and international port.   This  makes for the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the nation, including New York.  We asked several of our expert IOR destination service … Read More »