3 Things You Need to Know
About Why Domestic Transferees Need Destination Services

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“i’ve got this!”…do you though?

When employees are relocated to new cities within the US, they often believe they don’t need to enlist the help of a Destination Services Provider. Many employers also fail to see the value of including this support as part of the domestic relocation package. How hard can it really be to get settled into a new city? The answer is, especially in today’s unprecedented rental market, harder than it looks!

Employees arrive on location, are overwhelmed by their new job, their new city, and all the conflicting advice they are receiving from every local friend, colleague, and even the waiter at lunch. Meanwhile, their employer, who was optimistic that their new employee would hit the ground running, is becoming increasingly frustrated that they are distracted with their home search. Maybe the don’t “got this” after all. That’s where IOR comes in. Our Destination Services Consultants (DSCs) are equipped with local knowledge to help navigate the move in the express lane. We provide a list of viable and trusted rental options in neighborhoods and buildings that fit the employee’s needs. The DSC’s relationship with property managers can expedite the application and lease process. We take the stress out of the home search, allowing the employee to concentrate on their job and quickly love their new city.

“thanks but no thanks”

DSCs hear this repeatedly from their domestic employees: “thanks for your offer to assist, but I won’t need your advice.” IOR DSCs don’t easily take no for an answer. We get out in front of the move and prove our worth. The more lead time we have, the more successful we can be. During the initial intake call, the DSC will gather important information from the assignee allowing them to provide useful and unique insights. Of course, this will include neighborhood suggestions and rental housing options, but we also customize the intel based on the employee’s needs. Moving with children who play soccer? We understand how important it is for them to be happy. Not only will we highlight school options, but we’ll provide youth soccer league information. The employee fancies craft beer? We’ll find you a group that visits all the breweries in your new area. Time and time again, upon the completion of services, domestic employees will say “I could not have done this without you.”

you don’t need a concierge, you’ve got a DSC

Our team of DSCs have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to attend to the bespoke needs of the employees. Whether they are looking for the best new restaurant, where to get the dog groomed, a handyman to put together furniture, or a last-minute babysitter, our flexible, knowledgeable, and well-organized DSCs can help.

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