Welcome to one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Featuring beautiful family-friendly communities, incredible outdoor activities, and of course, world-class entertainment…it can be none other than Las Vegas. Both single assignees and families may be surprised to see how much more this city offers than just shows and slots. Vegas can be quite affordable, has fantastic weather, and is home to many great schools.

Rental Trends

Most markets in the US continue to be competitive, and Vegas is no exception. However, rental rates have recently tapered and are holding steady. Assignees moving from larger US markets should be able to find affordable housing with the assistance of their Destination Services Consultant (DSC). Assignees can expect to pay from $1,400+ USD/month for a 1-bedroom apartment and $2,800+ USD/month for a 3-bedroom home.

Where to Live

For single assignees, it’s best to pick your general area based on proximity to work. A popular option in the city is Summerlin (1-bedrooms from $1,600 USD/month). Just outside the city, assignees enjoy Henderson to the south (1-bedrooms around $1,700 USD/month) and North Las Vegas to (you guessed it!) the north (1-bedrooms around $1,400 USD/month).

Most assignees with families should look to choose their areas based on preferred school options. For both the top public and private schools in the area, families should look towards both Summerlin and Henderson (3-bedrooms from $2,200 USD/month). However, if you’ll be commuting to the North Side, North Las Vegas has been adding a large amount of family amenities in recent years and is also a desirable option (3-bedrooms around $2,000 USD/month).

Insider Tips

For those looking for studio or single bedroom apartments, it is increasingly important to start your search early, as well as rely on your DSC. Las Vegas has a much smaller inventory of studio and 1-bedroom apartments compared to similar cities. Being prepared can give you the best opportunity for a great place, in a great location.

Vegas is not just a very convenient place to visit, but also to live! Due to so many people working at all hours to support the tourism industry, essential shops and grocery stores are generally open 24 hours a day. In addition, Henry Reid Airport is less than 20 minutes away from town.

Local Insights

While it makes sense to think of Vegas life as casinos, stages, and lounges; most locals would agree the best sights are in the great outdoors! In the immediate surrounding area, assignees will find incredible mountain biking, horseback riding, trail hiking, and breathtaking golf courses. Las Vegans all have their favorite hidden gems, so it’s best to try them all to find yours!

Assignees also love being just a short drive from Valley of Fire State Park, as well as the gorgeous area of St. George, Utah. These both make for great day trips, or even spending the weekend. We also could not forget to include a visit to Grand Canyon National Park! Pro tip: the less-crowded east entrance via Highway 89 avoids a lot of the crowds without compromising any incredible views.

Don’t forget to take advantage of being a local! Nevada residents are afforded a number of discounts and freebies most tourists are not. These can range from free parking on the strip, free museum entry, $1 transport on the city’s monorail, to steep discounts on shows, spas, restaurants, and hotels. There are a number of websites that keep track of these, so don’t miss out.

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