The charm of Greenville and the spirit of Spartanburg come together in a harmonious blend of southern hospitality and modern vitality in the dynamic heart of the Carolinas. Located in the northern part of the state, Greenville-Spartanburg is commonly referred to as the “Upstate”. Nestled amidst the rolling hills and framed by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville-Spartanburg is a tapestry of culture, industry, and natural beauty. Whether you’re drawn to the rhythm of the thriving city streets, the tranquility of the scenic parks, or the warmth of the welcoming community, you’ll find a place where the past and future collide in perfect harmony! Step into the lively gateway of the Upstate and let the tales of the two cities unfold before you.

Rental Trends

Undoubtedly, the Greenville-Spartanburg area is very competitive for rentals. Rental rates in Greenville-Spartanburg are relatively affordable compared to other major cities. Rents in Greenville have risen 0.6% in 2023, which is a significantly slower rate of growth than last year. Prospective renters need to stay vigilant and act swiftly to secure their desired accommodations as well as rely on their Destination Services Consultants for support. While apartments offer a bit more flexibility, certain downtown complexes have limited availability, and some adjust their prices daily.

The economy of the Greenville-Spartanburg city thrives on international business, with numerous plants, firms, and subsidiaries. There is immense pride in hosting these establishments. Landlords, property managers, and apartment complexes are well-accustomed to dealing with expat applications, often welcoming those associated with these major employers.

Where to Live

Downtown Greenville is a fantastic choice for singles and young professional couples, with an urban center celebrated for its iconic pedestrian bridge that stretches over the Reedy River’s unexpectedly impressive waterfall. Moreover, this downtown area offers an abundance of tantalizing restaurants and bars on virtually every corner. With a plethora of attractions including a weekend farmers market, live music venues, engaging fairs and festivals, and the popular Swamp Rabbit bike trail, it’s easy to see why Downtown Greenville is the place to be! For those seeking an alternative neighborhood experience, Greer is an enticing choice. It features a charming and lively downtown, albeit on a more intimate scale, making it both affordable and conveniently situated adjacent to the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) and within proximity to major employers such as BMW and Michelin. In Downtown Greenville you can find 1-bedroom apartments starting at $1,650+/mo. and 2-bedroom apartments beginning at $1,900+/mo.

Families choose neighborhoods and suburbs based on a combination of factors, including top-tier schools, safety, family-friendly amenities, and a sense of community. When it comes to selecting a specific area, Simpsonville and Five Forks are popular choices for families. The Greenville school system has a well-established reputation for excellence, with district-wide National Accreditation awarded to all public schools in Greenville County. Alternatively, families sending their children to private schools have the flexibility to commute from anywhere in the vicinity. Both Greer and Simpsonville offer an abundance of expansive public parks, a variety of family-centric events, and special festivals that contribute to their unique charm. In Simpsonville, 3-bedroom homes start at $2,000+/mo.

Insider Tips

Greenville-Spartanburg stands as a hub teeming with activities and attractions, where a wealth of opportunities beckon exploration and enjoyment. Embrace the availability of bike rentals and set out to discover the renowned Swamp Rabbit bike trail, which leads you on a journey both north, guiding you through Furman University to Travelers Rest, and south, passing the exhilarating Flying Rabbit ropes course and various craft breweries. Weekends present a multitude of outdoor adventures within and around the city. Whether it’s the tranquil swimming holes and bike trails at Paris Mountain State Park or meandering on the Creekside hiking trails at nearby Jones Gap. Natural wonders await those seeking them, including the cascading waterfalls of Dupont State Forest to the exploration opportunities at Lake Jocassee, complete with boat rentals. Those looking for breathtaking mountaintop views without the hike can take the short drive to nearby Caesar’s Head. Looking to dance and revel in the music? On Thursday and Friday nights during summer and autumn, the city comes alive with free downtown concerts!

Local Insights

In Greenville-Spartanburg, you’ll never run out of fun activities, surprising discoveries, unforgettable places, and experiences. Begin your journey by exploring downtown Greenville and take a stroll along Main Street, which is lined with an array of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Enjoy the charming atmosphere, street performances, and the stunning Liberty Bridge at Falls Park on the Reedy. Immerse yourself in the cultural scene by visiting The Peace Center, a hub for performing arts, where you can catch concerts, Broadway shows, and other live performances.

For sports enthusiasts seeking year-round excitement, Greenville-Spartanburg boasts exceptional teams and events. Home to Greenville’s minor league baseball team, The Drive offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy high-quality baseball games. Friday night games are especially thrilling, featuring spectacular fireworks above the 6,700-seat stadium, which is modeled after Fenway Park. The Greenville Swamp Rabbits, an NHL affiliate, promise an electrifying experience on the ice. Adding to the sporting landscape are the newest soccer teams in Greenville, the Greenville Triumph is comprised of both men’s and women’s divisions within the United Soccer League. Catch the action of both teams at the 16,000-seat Paladin Stadium located at Furman University. There are plenty of University of South Carolina fans around town, but we’d be remiss to mention that Greenville-Spartanburg bleeds orange for for the Clemson Tigers, which are a short 40-minute drive west.

Whether you’re indulging in the local culinary delights, supporting sports teams, or immersing yourself in its rich historical heritage, Greenville-Spartanburg continuously delights and enchants those who explore its unique offerings. Greenville-Spartanburg is a city that will surprise you, engage you, charm you, delight you—and welcome you back again and again!

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