Welcome to another edition of the IOR Market Focus! If it seems like everyone is talking about and/or moving to Boise these days…it’s because it’s true! Boise, Idaho is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, and it is seeing a major surge in younger millennials moving here for its economic opportunities and high quality of life. Boise’s combination of great schools, safe and friendly community, impressive cultural scene, and endless recreational opportunities makes it truly worth all the hype. Join us as we dive deep into Treasure Valley’s gem of a city!

Rental Trends

Most markets in the US continue to be competitive, and Boise is no exception, although it has been holding steady recently. Inventory is low, so it is important for assignees to start the home finding search early, as well as rely on their Destination Services Consultant (DSC) for support. Being prepared will give assignees the best opportunity to find their ideal housing.

Boise’s rental market has been on fire, with units hitting and leaving the market within a span of a few days. For this reason, renters need to be decisive and act quickly. Prior to their arrival, DSCs help educate assignees on the housing options that meet their criteria. Armed with knowledge and the willingness to keep an open mind, the perfect home is waiting for you in beautiful Boise – coined by the Mayor as “the city for everyone.” Assignees can expect to pay from $1,600+ USD/month for a 1-bedroom apartment, $1,850+ USD/month for a 2-bedroom apartment, and $2,200+ USD/month for a 3-bedroom home.

Where to Live

Boise is primarily divided into North, East, and West regions. North End is considered the more trendy area of the city and features beautiful older homes and interesting restaurants. East End is home to many of the city’s natural attractions as well as some of the most expensive, high-end homes in Boise. For reasonably priced suburbs with easy access to walking and biking trails, consider the West End. The city also has the Boise Bench, which is an elevated area south of downtown that is one of the most popular up-and-coming (but still relatively affordable) areas in the city.

A popular option for singles is near Parkcenter Blvd, which allows assignees to live close to downtown without being in the heart of downtown. 1-bedrooms start at $1,600 USD/month. Other single assignees that do not want long commute times tend to live in the Columbia Village area. 2-bedrooms start around $1,850 USD/month.

Assignees with families should look to choose their areas based on their preferred school options. Southeast Boise and Columbia Village are great places for assignees with children. 3-bedrooms start around $2,200 USD/month.

Insider Tips

Most locals and assignees will agree that living in Boise is great because of its outdoor recreation opportunities. In the summers you can take advantage of many water activities, such as floating or fishing the Boise River, hiking, mountain biking, and golfing on some truly breathtaking golf courses. The 25-mile Greenbelt Trail is also a Boise favorite, with tree-lined paths for runners and cyclists and some beautiful picnic areas. The winter is just as exciting and action-packed as the summer, with several ski resorts close by for skiing and snowboarding. The winter Carnival is a short drive a way in McCall as well for even more winter fun! Go a little further outside of Boise to enjoy even more of Idaho’s wilderness – within one to two hours of the city you can visit one of the tallest sand dunes in North America, soak in a natural hot spring, or visit a 60-foot waterfall and swimming hole.

Local Insights

The Spirit of Boise hot air balloon event is a classic Boise experience! This annual event marks the end of summer and has been a city tradition for over 30 years. It is a fan favorite for many Boiseans, and brings thousands of tourists to the area every year as the Boise sky is filled with colorful balloons.

It may be surprising to some, but Boise’s cultural scene rivals that of many major US cities. You can watch the latest plays at the Shakespeare Festival, be amazed by the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra, laugh until you cry at the annual 208 Comedy Fest, and visit some of the many museums in the city to get a feel for the area’s rich history and heritage. Downtown Boise is not too big or too small (it’s just right!) and offers a great mix of local boutiques, delicious restaurants, and fun attractions all while being extremely walkable. Many shops and stores proudly feature “handmade and local” signs on their windows, and on weekends you can find several farmers markets – one of which is the Capital City Public Market, selling everything from baked goods to artisan products from over 150 vendors. For a small city, there’s a lot going on throughout the year to enjoy!

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