Intercultural Trainer/Coach

April 2018 By:

All of our intercultural trainers are contracted on a per-program, as needed basis, in the geographic area of the program.


  • A degree in a related field, such as intercultural communication, cultural anthropology, adult education, human resources, organizational development, etc., as well as formal intercultural studies and working knowledge of cultural values research. MA/MS preferred.


  • At least three years living and working internationally – experience in a corporate environment is desirable.
  • At least two years professional intercultural training experience including significant relocation training experience.*


  • Expert understanding of intercultural learning concepts
  • Ability to apply adult, experiential learning principles
  • Ability to implement the development of concepts and behavioral strategies via scenarios, specific events, and prior experiences of the participants.
  • Ability to facilitate a participant-focused coaching approach to materials and information
  • Strong facilitation skills and comfort with flexible and fluid training situations
  • Comfort in facilitating external Cultural Consultants in their different resource roles


*NOTE: IOR does not train individuals or groups to become cultural trainers. We orient our trainers to IOR materials, philosophy of training, and administrative processes, but we recruit only experienced trainers.

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