New Program Process

What is the process for new programs?

Once you have submitted all of the hiring paperwork you received with your offer letter, we can assign new students, or “programs”, to you.

The following list explains the steps we go through to assign new programs:

  1. IOR Language Program Manager (LPM) offers a new program. Language Trainer may accept or decline.
  2. Upon accepting new program, LPM sends Language Trainer their student’s contact information and Needs Analysis. LPM also sends your contact information and short biography to the student.
  3. Language Trainer contacts new student within 48 hours of receiving their contact information. Please notify your LPM if you cannot reach your student.
  4. Language Trainer and Student agree upon a date and time for their first meeting
  5. Language Trainer reports first lesson date to LPM
  6. LPM sends a confirmation that class will begin. Please save this for your records.
  7. Language Trainer reviews the student’s Needs Analysis and writes a preliminary lesson plan to further assess the student during the first class.
  8. At the first class, Language Trainer works together with the student to fill out the student’s Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  9. After the first lesson, Language Trainer Submits PDP to LPM via email