Giving Back

Giving back to the community is an important part of IOR’s philosophy and culture.  Our team members are committed to sharing their time, knowledge and resources with non-profit organizations.  IOR provides all employees with one paid vacation day each year that can be used for donating time to a non-profit organization of their choice.  In 2016, IOR received NEI Global Relocation's Corporate Responsibility Award recognizing our ongoing efforts in giving back to the community and our partnership with RefugeeOne.  IOR also provides "pro bono" intercultural training for non-profit organizations.



RefugeeOne is a refugee resettlement agency that provides a full range of services to assist the refugee in becoming an independent, self-supporting member of the new community as soon as possible.  IOR teammates worked closely with the organization and generously donated time and money to provide stocked backpacks for kids going to school, winter coats, and starter kits for families as they moved into their first apartments.


Pro Bono Intercultural Training for Non-Profits

IOR offers its expertise to non-profit organizations interested in providing cross-cultural awareness and skills development programs to their staff, volunteers and boards of directors. Our organization is built on the belief that greater intercultural awareness, coupled with the opportunity to develop the skills needed to interact effectively across cultures, leads to greater productivity. We hope that we can make a difference at non-profit organizations by leveraging our core strengths and knowledge in intercultural training and development.  We have had the privilege of working with several outstanding non-profit groups as part of this initiative.