Intercultural Training

Recognizing and successfully managing the cultural differences encountered in business and daily life are skills key to global assignment success.  For example, why are people in some cultures so comfortable openly sharing ideas, when others appear to have nothing to say? Why do colleagues in some cultures insist on spending so much time socializing, and in others just want to get down to business? And who adapts to whom?

IOR’s highly-engaging cultural training programs explore the powerful cultural values that lead to the very visible differences in the way people interact socially and at work.  Our programs focus on building the Skills & Strategies that employees and their families need for a successful assignment and work with them to:

  • Discover their cultural values
  • Focus on the dynamics of intercultural communication
  • Identify strategies for bridging cultural differences
  • Begin to be able to switch between perspectives
  • Build a strong foundation for successful cultural adaptation and effective job performance
  • Use their complimentary access to Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands

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