Three to Four Weeks Prior to Departure


  • Send everything to be shipped or stored that requires dry cleaning to the cleaners. Mark the pick-up date on your calendar and REMEMBER TO PICK ITEMS UP.
  • Arrange for child care on moving day.
  • Check on and clear up any tax assessments.
  • Send change of address to:
    • Post office
    • Family and friends
    • Business associates
    • Bank/credit cards
    • Consider cancelling newspapers and magazines
    • Consider which items should be sent airmail and which can be handled online
  • Collect items which you have loaned to people and return any borrowed items.
  • Pick up all items being repaired.
  • Arrange to sell or store cars or other vehicles.
  • Call charity group to pick up all items not being moved or sold.
  • Order any newspapers that you might want while overseas to be shipped via sea mail.
  • Arrange to clean the house after the movers have finished.
  • Determine if TV and other appliances are usable in your new location (voltage, cycles, size of appliances, etc.). Arrange for storage or sale of appliances which are not being moved.

Personal and Official

  • Check on status of club memberships while overseas.
  • Notify your insurance company and police of moving date (if house is to remain empty).
  • If you are moving to a new job or your spouse is leaving a job, arrange to have tax information forwarded at the appropriate time (if applicable).
  • Make sure all travel and hotel arrangements are made for the moving trip. If taking a pet, arrange for a cage and airline space, and check on quarantine arrangements.