Settling In Services

When the move has been completed, the next phase of the expatriate experience begins, and IOR moves to the next step in the cycle of expatriate support. Families are more focused now on finding their place in the community and starting a new life in their new host country.

Community Orientation

IOR’s Destination Services Consultants provide an in-depth tour of areas of interest in the new community.  These include banking options, stores, post offices, medical practitioners and facilities, emergency services, recreational facilities, home service providers, clubs, restaurants and other social opportunities in the new community. This is the first step in becoming part of the community, meeting new people and beginning to establish the relationships that are critical for assignment success.

Documentation Assistance

No matter where the assignee relocates, documents that seem straightforward at home can be challenging to secure in the new host country. Local consultants help assignees get driver’s licenses, meet local and national registration requirements, fill in school forms, and assist with all other documents required in their new country and community. IOR can also provide fast, accurate and secure document translation for assignees. 

Complementary Programs

In addition to Settling In Services, IOR also offers Language Instruction and Cultural Training programs, helping your assignee and their family successfully manage their global assignment.