Tools for the Selection Process

Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors (SAGE)

  • Helps HR/Management assess adaptability and establish a high-quality candidate pool for international assignments
  • Aids employees with choice to self-select into or out of candidacy for international assignments
  • Fosters family conversations necessary to make informed decisions
  • SAGE for Spouses also available

 Tucker Assessment Profile (TAP)

  • Assesses motivations and expectations on 12 attitudes and attributes that predict cultural adjustment
  • Provides HR/Management and employees with feedback as well as risk that may be associated with expatriate assignments
  • Serves as a basis for coaching international assignment candidates
  • Substantiates HR/Management’s go/no-go decisions on expatriate assignments

 Global Competencies Inventory (GCI)

  • Assesses 16 dimensions essential for effective Intercultural Performance
  • Supports HR/Management’s go/no-go employment decisions for expatriate assignments
  • Identifies candidates for global leadership and succession planning
  • Creates developmental plans for intercultural training and coaching

 Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

  • Assesses intercultural sensitivity, a crucial aspect of intercultural competence
  • Builds talent pools for international assignments and succession planning
  • Contributes to career planning and career coaching
  • Establishes a baseline measurement for employee development