Overview of Country Specific Consultants

IOR uses Country-Specific Consultants to assure that participants receive accurate and detailed information about the host country. The consultant will provide information, concepts, ideas, strategies, perspectives and stories from personal experience. They do NOT provide a formal presentation.

The Trainer’s Role

  • After talking to the participants, brief the consultant on program objectives, activities, consultant’s role and procedures
  • Lead and facilitate the session according to IOR’s Daily Living and Business Consultant Guidelines
  • Evaluate the consultant’s work on the post-program evaluation form

Consultants and Their Roles

Daily Living Consultant

  • Provides information regarding schools, neighborhoods, medical systems, banking, expatriate organizations, shopping, and leisure activities, by working through the Daily Living Checklist in the Appendix of the Manual
  • May sometimes describe historical, religious, political, regional differences, along with current events, that impact the cultural identities of the people living in the host country

Intercultural Business Consultant

  • Provides an overview of cultural behaviors in the workplace and how they may affect interaction and communication in the work environment; provides anecdotes and examples of personal experience for illustration
  • The business consultant also helps assignees develop strategies for bridging differences in the workplace by working through the Culturally Influenced Business Functions exercise in Chapter 4 in the Manual


After IOR has confirmed the Daily Living / Business Resource for your program, contact your consultant(s) to:

  • Agree on the delivery time
  • Agree on the delivery method: face-to-face, skype, phone, etc.