Section 1: Intercultural Program Preparation

In most cases, when your program is confirmed you will receive a link to a completed cultural training intake Needs Analysis survey. Following the confirmation:

Contact the participant(s)

Please reach out as soon as possible to introduce yourself and ask any additional questions beyond the cultural training intake. Inform your Program Manager if you have difficulty reaching the participants.

  • Define the scope of the program by communicating the goals (and limitations) of the program to participants
  • Confirm the date(s), time, location of program and lunch arrangements
  • Pre work: Remind participants that they will receive a link to a one-year online subscription to Country Navigator, and encourage them to log in and click the “Cultural Profile” tab to complete the survey and be prepared to share their results on the training day(s)

Contact Resource Consultant(s) and Youth Trainer

  • Work with assigned Daily Living and Business consultants (when applicable) by sharing relevant information about participants and briefing them on the way you will facilitate their session – This is best done by phone when possible
  • Contact the Youth Trainer (when applicable) to coordinate program delivery and share program information

Preparing the Agenda

  • Make sure you have the correct agenda, found in the Documents: Forms, Materials, and Checklists page in this Procedures Portal
  • Once downloaded, please customize it with program-specific information, and remove sections that you do not want to use:
    • Pay attention to the sections that reference the Daily Living and Business Consultant and remove any sections that do not apply to your program
    • Once you receive the name(s) of the consultants for your program, contact each resource and ask for his/her bio to include in the agenda

If you prefer, you may choose to use the Table of Contents in the manual as a guide to walk through the training day rather than the full agenda document.

Using Country Navigator

  • Please click here for the Country Navigator Demo video.
  • Please feel free to contact Yulia Carson at for a more detailed briefing

Using Electronic Program Materials

  • IOR’s program materials can be found in the Documents: Forms, Materials, and Checklists page in this Procedures Portal.
  • Most of the program manuals are designed as writeable PDF documents and can be used electronically.
  • Your participants have received the program manual within their confirmation email.
  • IOR does not send hard copies of our manual, and we request that you do not print the manuals as it is very costly to do so. IOR does not reimburse printing costs without prior approval and a receipt.