Virtual Lessons – Tell Me More


An agricultural company sent an employee and his wife on an international assignment to a rural town in Argentina. The assignees were excited about the language training, but due to their remote location, there were no qualified teachers nearby.

IOR Solution

IOR proposed that the assignees take virtual lessons with an experienced online teacher who happened to live three hours away by bus. The assignees were nervous about trying virtual lessons, so IOR’s teacher ended up making the long trip to teach the lessons twice a week.


After a few months, the family decided to try taking lessons over Skype. They liked the virtual platform, and were able to schedule classes almost every day, as they had originally requested. They also saved money for their company by eliminating teacher travel expenses. The intensive but flexible schedule allowed the students to make great progress: “[Student] continues successfully advancing during our classes in spite of the heavy work load in his job. . . We are working on exercises related to office situations involving complex grammar structures. His commitment to continue attending lessons in spite of his difficult agenda has been admirable.”