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5 Things You Need to Know
About Supporting Destination Services

In this month’s Mobility Matters podcast, we sat down to chat with Andrea Gullickson, Destination Program Manager and former Destination Consultant, as well as our Destination Consultants across the country to discuss how they are supporting
Destination Services right now.
Here are the: 5 Things You Need to Know About…
Supporting Destination Services RIGHT NOW.

When my assignee meets their Consultant face to face, will they need their own form of transportation?

Due to social distancing guidelines (wearing a mask and maintaining a distance of 6 feet from each other), IOR’s recommendation would be that separate forms of transportation be used to meet at various appointments supporting Destination Services. If a rental car is not a viable option, a car service, ride share or a taxi would be additional options for the assignee to use.

Since the Social Security office is a Federal Agency, does that mean all offices will reopen at the same time across the US?

We are seeing certain Federal offices opening up slowly and most likely in phases very similar to what each state is experiencing. IOR is working closely with our local consultants all over the country to learn the reopening policies and procedures and how they can support our assignees safely when applying for a Social Security number.

Since almost all schools are closed until the end of the year, can I register my child now for the 2020-2021 school year?

We are finding that public schools that are still open can typically start the registration process electronically but will need the family to come in at a later time with the required documentation as this is a legal requirement. For private schools, IOR’s Destination Consultants can check availability for the 2020-2021 school year. Since schools have closed, private schools have been extremely accommodating with virtual tours and Zoom calls with their Administration for prospective families.

Are in-person property tours a possibility?

It depends. As restrictions are being lifted in certain areas, we are seeing more and more property management companies and realtors easing their policies regarding face to face contact. Tours tend to be by appointment with only one person in the property at a time. Some realtors are strictly supporting with virtual tours, This will, of course, vary by location and local/ state restrictions.

My assignee is nervous about coming to the US and really has a lot of questions right now. What is your recommended course of action?

Encourage your assignees to connect with their Destination Consultant as soon as possible. The idea of a friend in their new destination is invaluable and it will help ease their concerns as they hear first hand what is happening in their new city. Also, the IOR Destination Services App is a great tool for assignees to obtain relevant and useful information regarding their new destination even if they are unsure of their arrival. The Pre-Arrival Checklist helps give them an idea of what to bring, the City Guide offers great information about their new city and the Tips and Advice section tells them about the Social Security process, US Credit and Banking, as well as US Cultural Insights.