3 Things You Need to Know
About How Consultants Are Utilizing Their Community to Deliver SuperIOR Support

A monthly series bringing you tips and best practices, covering the Relocation Industry’s biggest trends

deepening the bench

IOR has hired over 200 new people in 2022 to help expand our consultant base in just about every major city and in many mid-size and smaller towns as well. As the number of Destination Services Consultants (DSCs) grow in each city, IOR provides them with wonderful tools to use to work together as a team – a mentor to help them as they begin their work off the heels of their training, a group email to exchange ideas within their area, as well as a DSC only Facebook page to discuss ideas, learn best practices, and stay a step ahead of their assignees during the programs.

to quote High School Musical: we’re all in this together

Whether you’re an IOR DSC in Montana or in Los Angeles, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to succeed. IOR hosts a monthly DSC podcast that discusses the trends and challenges in Destination Services with consultants participating across both the US and Canada. These podcasts deliver fresh information, keep everyone motivated, and give everyone a sense of community to want to do the best job possible for assignees.

coming to a city near you

IOR is so excited to return to in-person travel with not only our clients but our DSCs. We have recently stopped by for a visit in the Bay Area, New York City, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Miami, with upcoming lunches in both Dallas and Austin. As we have the opportunity to connect in person, our goal is to establish lasting relationships with each other that extend past the initial meeting. Working effectively in this way will only make our teams stronger and provide the best experience for everyone.

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