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About Relocating to the US without Credit

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recognizing the challenges international assignees are experiencing right now

We spoke with Misha Esipov, CEO and Co-Founder of Nova Credit*, a company that allows an assignees’ home country credit score to “translate” in the US. Nova Credit partners with over 20 countries to receive this information and help the assignee “level the playing field” when it comes to their credit score. Assignees are able to open a credit card as well as successfully apply for an auto loan upon completion of the application process. This can be completed before they apply for a social security number.

are the credit cards unsecured? what about card benefits?

Nova Credit works with American Express to offer several cards to the assignee based on their preferences (no fee, points, miles, etc.). Cards can range from no annual fee up to several hundred dollars per year based on the card benefits with several different choices available to the assignee. Nova Credit also informed IOR that they will be adding several different card options in the near future.

are there any other companies out there in addition to Nova Credit that can support assignees with banking/credit cards while still in their home country?

Yes. Banks such as HSBC and City National Bank have a team of employees that work specifically with assignees who are relocating to the US and are able to open an unsecured credit card and bank account with a passport and work visa. They will receive the unsecured credit card immediately upon entering the US. Regardless of how an assignee chooses to bank or what credit card they choose, it is nice to have options that specifically cater to the international assignee.

*IOR has no affiliation or does not receive a commission from Nova Credit, HSBC, or City National Bank

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