5 Things You Need to Know
About What’s Trending in 2022

In this month’s Mobility Matters podcast, we sat down with Diana Melbourn, Director of Global Client Solutions, and Christina Miller, Manager of Global Client Solutions, and discussed what IOR is talking about for 2022.

Here are the: 5 Things You Need to Know About…
What’s Trending in 2022

it’s great to be green

As sustainability is at the top of everyone’s minds, we discussed with our Destination Services Consultants (DSCs) how they can make a difference to the environment. Encouraging using a hybrid or electric car, inserting more walking and or biking tours (weather permitting), 100% electronic welcome packets/materials, and choosing to address the environment within their support. One of our DSCs in California shared this with us: “I talk about the recent floods we’ve had in the southern states, the fires we experience in CA, the drought we have, and how we can do something about our future by getting involved now.”

speak the survey “language”

Helping assignees feel completely satisfied with each program is at the top of everyone’s minds! IOR’s recommendation: be sure to use “survey language” throughout the service. For example: “were you completely satisfied with the property selection today?” or perhaps “did you find the local area information I provided completely satisfactory?” This language will stay with the assignee when they complete the survey evaluation and leads to higher scores for everyone.

shorter programs, greater expectations

As we are receiving more programs for two days and often less, DSCs need to set expectations from the very beginning. What tasks can be completed while assignees are still in their home country? Can partial behind the scenes support allow face-to-face support at key program milestones? What kind of delay can you expect with your social security application? Making sure everyone is on the same page at all times is critical.

lack of US credit

As we have been seeing, many landlords and property management companies are much more stringent with international assignees without US credit. Our DSCs are working hard to ensure that the letter of employment is presented and their assignees understand the sense of urgency. We are seeing property managers require a guarantor in NYC/NJ areas, as well as higher security deposits (when permitted) and landlords requesting additional months’ payment in advance. IOR can help ease the financial burden of the assignee by making a payment on their behalf*. We know timing is everything when trying to obtain a property!

enhancing programs with inclusion

IOR DSCs have always brought their own inclusivity to each and every program and want to make sure everyone feels welcome int heir new community. Whether it is a local BBQ for our Southern California assignees, a coffee get together for our Dallas spouse group, or a visit to the local Indian market, we work hard to ensure all assignees and their families feel included and welcome in their new destination from day one.

*A slight admin fee applies

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