Pardon Me, Would You Kindly Repeat the Question?


The language student submitted a registration to improve English.  This student studied English in his native country for 6 years and thoroughly mastered English; comfortable with all the tenses, possessed a good vocabulary and scored into the B2 -2 level on CEFR.  During registration, the student indicated that he wanted to be able to speak more fluently ‘like a native speaker’.


IOR assigned a seasoned teacher to work with this student.  The Language Trainer immediately noticed that the student truly mastered English but failed in his ability to participate in a conversation.  After discussion between IOR, the Language Trainer and the student regarding the methods of language lessons. The student decided to work with a Speech Pathologist in order to improve conversational skills.

Solution Results:

IOR assigned the student with a Certified Speech Pathologist.  The student had a positive experience, expressing content with the results.  It is of interest to note that this was the first incident IOR had paired a student (from this specific company in this region of the country) with a Speech Pathologist.  Within 2 months of this incident,  two additional students inquired about working with a Speech Pathologist and pursued this route.   It may be safe to presume that our satisfied student had shared his positive experience with his colleagues.