CHICAGO, IL – APRIL 10, 2018

My Destination Consultant: My First Friend

I went to a restaurant for a late lunch and I was greeted by a young lady that looked familiar. It took me a second to recognize her as the wife of one of my relocating clients.

Immediately her name came into my mind , at the exact moment she asked:”Do you remember me?”

We hugged and she called her manager to introduce me as a “very good friend, who helped her when she moved here from India and to whom she was very grateful”

I had to contain my emotions… because there and then I remembered when I moved here, almost 12 years ago, and the only “friend” I had at that time was our own Destination Services Consultant assisting us with our relocation.

It hit me how much we, the Destination Consultants, mean to these people and how much a smile, a friendly word, showing compassion and putting ourselves on their shoes can make all the difference in their beginnings in a new country.

Thank you, IOR, for allowing me to transform the passion for helping people into a job… and for giving me the opportunity to make people`s lives a little better!


Destination Services Consultant