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Join us in this edition of Market Focus
as we head down South to the City in the Woods!

ERC Americas is visiting Atlanta this week and so is Market Focus! There is a very good chance you have flown through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, being the busiest airport in the world. However, among all the travelers passing through, there are thousands of people calling the city of Atlanta their new home.
The city that rose from the ashes after the American Civil War, is now among the top 20 economies in the world, home to Fortune 100 companies such as Delta Airlines, Home Depot, AT&T and Coca-Cola. Relocating assignees enjoy a dynamic crossroads of Southern culture and multiculturalism, based on the city’s booming international impact, along with its Southern roots.

Rental Tends

Atlanta has traditionally been a rental market with high competition and not much latitude for tenants. Fortunately, this has been changing due to significant new construction, and the addition of a multitude of apartments creating a rise in availability and amenities offered to potential renters.

The Average 1-Bedroom apartment in Atlanta is around $1,300.
Average 2-Bedroom home around $3,000

Tenants can really find value and take advantage of the competition between new complexes. Our Consultants have reported amenities being offered that range from pet-friendly units and a free month’s rent, to more exceptional offerings like complimentary weekend black car service, laundry-service and even housekeeping services.

Where to Live

There are quite a number of booming suburban communities in the Atlanta area. Assignees with families tend to gravitate toward the cities of Marietta and Alpharetta. Both host fantastic school districts, local parks and outdoor space, and offer a number of year-round cultural and community events. 2 bedroom homes start from $1,625 in these areas. Finding 3-5 bedroom homes will run from $1,700-$2,300+.


Buckhead is a retail/residential area located in the Northernmost part of the city. West Buckhead features mainlysingle-family houses/homes, while the corridor along Peachtree Road features high rise living. The area offers a massive blend of high-end dining and shopping, and actually contains the largest concentration of upscale shops in the country. 1 Bedrooms in Buckhead generally run from $1,750-2,500/mo., 3 Bedroom homes run about $3,000- 4,000/mo.

Midtown is considered to be Buckhead’s trendier cousin. Assignees enjoythe highest density of art and cultural institutions in the
Southeast United States, living among beautiful Piedmont Park and fantastic access to Public Transport. Midtown is also known for some of the best nightlife in the city. Rental options are almost entirely apartments, 1 Bedrooms ranging from $1,700+, 2 Bedrooms from $2,500-3,000 and 3 Bedrooms from $2,900-6,000+.


The Virginia Highland area is a short walk across Piedmont Park, and is becoming the new “it” spot in Atlanta for young professionals. The area features a combination of new and old, from beautiful new apartment complexes, to historic bungalows. Assignees love its eclectic mixture of cafes, shops, bars, workout studios and galleries. 1 Bedrooms in this area run from $1,400+/mo. More than two bedrooms are a bit difficult to rent in this area.

Tips for RMCs, HR & Assignees

One of the largest considerations in choosing where to live in Atlanta is very similar to any other major city: it is highly recommended to live in a location that would allow for an easy commute to work. In Atlanta this is especially important because 88% of Atlantans drive to work every day. That being said, Atlanta’s public transport system, named MARTA, is a very convenient and quick option for those who live along a MARTA train line.

Assignees looking for a more suburban setting can still find a more international crowd among the ATL suburbs. Despite having the (perhaps justified) reputation for still being a segregated city, assigness can find a great amount of diversity in a number of suburban Atlanta towns. In fact, in a recent Wallethub survey evaluating American cities on factors such as cultural, economic and religious diversity, three Atlanta suburbs ranked in the top 30; Sandy Springs, Roswell and Johns Creek.

Local Insight for Assignees

One of the most exciting additions to Atlanta’s public spaces is the ongoing project known as the Beltline.

What started as a graduate student’s¬†thesis project has transformed into a $18 million development, linking neighborhoods and parks with multi-use trails. Locals not only use the trails and parks, but can also partake in a number of events and activities along the development. These include fitness classes and concerts, to community meetings and homeowner empowerment workshops.

Know your beverages. Atlanta is part of the Southeastern United States, so it’s important to order like a Southerner here. Here are the two tips to fit in when dining in Atlanta.

  • It’s not a “Soft Drink”, “Soda” or even “Pop” here: It’s always a “Coke”. Doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush or Sprite. As a general rule, always refer to fizzy, sugary, bubbly drinks as “Coke”. Also never order a Pepsi here…that’s just wrong.
  • Tea culture is strong here… and sweet. When ordering tea at a restaurant, or being served tea as a guest, the assumption is that you will receive a glass of sweetened tea over ice. This dates back to the late 1800’s, where sweetener is added to freshly brewed hot black tea and then chilled. If you’re looking for hot tea, or an unsweetened iced tea…be sure to specify!

Go for a Float! A great wayto spend the day with family or friends is floating down the Chattahoochee River. Atlantans head North, about a half hour’s drive, to Azalea Park to “Shoot the Hooch”. You can rent rafts, canoes, kayaks, tubes and stand up paddle boards, and float anywhere from 1-3 hours down the Chattahoochee. It is a relaxing way to beat the heat and humidity.

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