M&A Cultural Integration: Cultural Integration for a Strategic Cross-Border Deal


A European aerospace client acquired a company in the southern United States and was struggling to integrate the leadership team as well as the overall operation.

IOR Solution

After conducting detailed needs analysis with the French CEO and U.S. VP HR, IOR designed an initial leadership teaming session using the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire (CWq) global assessment tool.  The results helped the team recognize areas of cultural fit as well as disconnect and framed the process for better leadership integration.  Over the next year, IOR facilitated quarterly sessions with the leadership team that included cultural coaching to build a stronger sense of company culture and develop an approach for communicating that effectively throughout the organization.


The global leadership team’s performance and effectiveness increased as a result of greater cohesion and trust.  They developed a clear sense of how they make decisions together and how to communicate those decisions across the company.