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Rita Hess: Senior Manager, Language Training


The relocation industry is modernizing: more support than ever before is offered virtually, information is being fed into online portals connecting every person involved in an assignee’s move, and the assignee experience is quicker, more reliable, and streamlined. But ultimately, it’s still all about what is best for the assignee.

IOR’s language training has always been centered around exactly what the assignee, spouse, or family needs. We’re not here to decide for you what’s the best method of language training – we’re here to do what’s best for your valued assignees and their families. While we understand that some IOR language students will prefer ‘traditional’ face-to-face language training, virtual training can be the right solution in many cases.

IOR’s virtual language reality:

  1. Always personalized: In our eyes, and according to the evaluations of our virtual language training, virtual training is just as effective, communicative, and helpful as our face-to-face language training, regardless of the language or level. This is because we hold all of our teachers to very high standards and screen them specifically for virtual teaching experience. We provide our teachers with Professional Development opportunities year-round, including our most recent webinar providing tips, tricks, and activity ideas to ensure that the only difference between virtual training and face-to-face is the computer screen. With IOR – you never get a once size fits all, out of the box service. Just because it’s not in person does not mean that it’s not personalized.
  2. Clever combinations: Did you know that IOR virtual language training can be combined with face-to-face lessons? We can also work with your assignee to combine virtual training with an online platform (such as Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur). Both of these options are cost-savers for our clients and offer flexible solutions to a busy assignee and family. We’re always happy to help customize a program and work within a budget.

“Just because it’s not in person does not mean that it’s not personalized.”


Who can Virtual Training benefit?

Anyone is eligible and able to benefit from virtual language training – even children and small groups! However, here are a few ‘special cases’ where virtual training can really make a positive difference in the overall relocation experience:

  1. Pre-departure: Is your assignee extremely motivated to start language learning? Is their spouse anxious to settle in or the kids nervous about starting school or making friends in a new language? Language Training pre-departure is a sure-fire way to ease their nerves and give them a solid foundation of language knowledge before their trip. However, logistically, it doesn’t always work out with busy schedules, quick turnaround times, or difficulty sourcing a Thai teacher in rural Ohio (it can be done – it just takes time!). Turn to IOR for virtual language training and your assignees can get started right away, sometimes even with the same teacher they’ll have upon arrival!
  2. Remote location: What happens when an employee is going to a remote location and wants to start language training right away? Sourcing high quality language teachers in remote locations, particularly for languages with fewer native speakers, can take time. Virtual training can provide language training to anyone, anywhere – as long as they have internet access!
  3. Assignee on the go: International assignees often find themselves traveling, so fitting in a face-to-face meeting with a language trainer every week can be quite difficult. Virtual training is a great way to continue training while on the go! While we don’t recommend having a virtual language lesson on the plane flying from place to place – a language teacher can ‘e-meet’ you for a virtual lesson at your hotel room, local café, or anywhere they may find themselves. Busy assignees love the flexibility of language training that helps them stick to a consistent learning plan and schedule.

If your assignee doesn’t think they’re too busy for language lessons, try suggesting virtual language training! The Language Team at IOR would be happy to answer any questions or squash any doubts they may have about their training. And remember, IOR is the only provider of language lessons in the industry to Guarantee the quality of our training – whether virtual, F2F or blended.

You can take that to the virtual bank!


By: Rita Hess

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