Hili Who?


The language student requested to learn Hiligaynon/Ilonggo because his spouse’s parents were not well versed in English.  The student’s goal was to learn enough Hiligaynon to converse a little bit with the in-laws.  Hiligaynon is a Philipino dialect and the speakers represents 0.15% of the world population.



Since Hiligaynon/Ilonggo is not a widely spoken language; there are few Language Trainers that teach this Philipino dialect and training materials are not in print.  Fortunately, the IOR student was based in California and was open to either face to face lessons or virtual lessons.  IOR network of Language Trainers included a Filipino based teacher who taught Hiligaynon on a virtual platform and created the training materials needed to teach this isolated language.



The student was offered a sample lesson with the IOR Language Trainer before fully enrolling in the Language Lessons.  This sample lesson was a critical driver of the lesson decision for the student because the language lessons were not part of the student-employer package.  Since the student’s need for language lessons was not a work-related situation, the student was paid for lessons out of his discretionary income.  In summary, the student hired IOR and participated in virtual lessons with the IOR Trainer and was very satisfied with the experience.