Flexible, Innovative Solutions for Short-Term Assignees


A relocation management company (RMC) approached IOR with an issue their client, a manufacturing company, was facing.  The company needed cost-efficient support for more than 70 short-term assignees (STA’s) inbound from Eastern Europe.  The Company lacked the in-house means to handle temporary housing, settling-in and other DS services and had a limited budget for the STA’s.

IOR Solution

Working closely with the RMC and company, IOR designed a one-hour webinar addressing key details for settling comfortably and quickly into working and living in the host city and the U.S.  This webinar was complemented by 3-hour local Destination Service email and phone support with native speakers.


The solution reduced the company’s burden and cost of human resource support for the STA’s.  The program enabled employees to receive expatriate support for their short-term assignment.