Cultural Integration


A Japanese medical devices company was moving its headquarters to Singapore where they have their sole manufacturing facility.  The executive leadership was from the U.S., most of the plant management team was Japanese and the plant workforce was Chinese and Malay.  There was a low level of cultural integration at the Singapore facility, causing considerable miscommunication and workplace tension and resulting in high turnover and supply chain disruptions.  The company needed to have the plant operating optimally given its role as the revenue generation center for the company’s global expansion.

IOR Solution

IOR partnered with the client on a 6 month project to develop a strong executive leadership team and organizational culture at the plant.  Using the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire, IOR worked closely with leaders to identify the key workplace cultural styles critical for their organization.  After extensive interviews with managers and workers at the Singapore plant, IOR developed a series of teaming sessions that improved communication flow, increased meeting effectiveness and provided role clarity.  IOR also collaborated with the CEO to create a new COO position to provide greater global operational oversight and guidance.


There are now higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction at the plant as measured by qualitative surveys and interviews.  The leadership team shares a clear global vision for growth and is working together collaboratively to provide the global regions with the products they need for their customers.