Assignees moving to the US? Top FAQ’s

1) Will the rental properties I view in the Spring months be available when I move in the Summer?

No, not likely! The goal of a home finding trip is to secure a rental property lease. Most markets are extremely tight — demand is high and supply low – and properties move quickly. The ideal time for a home finding trip is 4-6 weeks prior to the desired lease start date.

2) Can I secure a rental property and tour public schools during my home finding trip without a visa?

Without a visa, it is often difficult to secure a rental property. It may be an inefficient use of time for the assignee and money for the company if the desired property cannot be secured. Conversely, if a property can be secured, it should be noted that leased properties tend to sit empty while an assignee awaits visa finalization. Our advice is to wait until all documentation has been finalized before embarking on a home finding trip.

3) I am not shipping my furniture from my home country and want to rent a fully furnished apartment. Are they plentiful in the US?

Furnished properties are very rare and extremely expensive in the US, as they are most often used for short-term stays only. Our recommendation is to rent an unfurnished property and separately rent furniture.

4) Can I apply for my social security number from my home country? How does a social security card help me?

A social security application can only be filed AFTER the assignee enters the US to start their assignment. Once the assignee receives his social security card, then he can set up utilities and apply for a state driver’s license. Please note: only the assignee can set up utilities and register for a driver’s license. A destination services provider can assist in the process but cannot actually apply for or complete these things for the assignee.

5) Should I purchase or lease a car? How do I do this?

Assignees should consult with a financial planner when determining whether to purchase or lease a vehicle. A Destination Services Provider can help the assignee by researching options of financial advisors and companies who lease or sell cars, as well as accompany them on visits that program time and scope allow.

Advanced preparation in a destination services program starts the assignment off right and provides the family a feeling of comfort and support. However, the reality is that assignees often find themselves on a business trip to their host country and decide to make it their home finding trip at the last minute. This introduces a number of challenges and can lead to a very inefficient use of program time and a frustrated family. If at all possible, alert your DSP as soon as possible, so the destination services are well-planned, saving the company money and the assignee time.

Please help us add to our FAQ’s by submitting the most common questions you get from assignees heading to the United States!

Written By: Cheryl Hart, GMS, Director of Destination Services. Contact her here.