The Virtues of Virtual DS


Alexa, I am relocating to Nashville, can you help?”
“Asheville is a city in western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains known for its vibrant arts scene”.


Ugh, I guess we are not quite there yet.  There is no doubt that assignees today are more independent and self-directed than ever.  That doesn’t mean, however, that these assignees do not need and value support.  Virtual (or unaccompanied) Destination Services can provide assignees with behind the scenes support to take care of administrative tasks and advocate on the assignee’s behalf.  Virtual does not mean on your own.  Rather, the Consultant works in partnership with the assignee to set schedules, line up appointments and provide advice.

Assignees are finding that virtual support can be beneficial to them especially when the pressure to hit the ground running from day one is higher than it has ever been.  Many assignees are flying in to their new destination on Friday evening and are expected to start work on Monday. How will they be able to locate a suitable property or simply open a bank account?  The Virtual Destination Consultant can set up a schedule based on the assignee’s needs and wants to enable them to hit the ground running.  Would the assignee prefer to go apartment hunting on Wednesday evening? No problem! What about recommendations for the nearest dog walker, hair salon or gym? Done, done and done.  It’s real-time support – anywhere, anytime.

Why not just ask your Google Assistant?  “Virtual” Consultants are highly experienced Destination Consultants with significant local knowledge and insights.  To our knowledge, Google Assistant has never negotiated with landlords on behalf of assignees or walked the hallways of local schools.

Moving is a highly stressful time, and Siri has never felt the anxiety that goes along with relocating to a new city or country, beginning a new role at work and finding the right school for the children.  Virtual Consultants provide a personal touch and have empathy because they have been there before and know the pressures that go along with a global assignment or domestic move.

Virtual Destination Services can be ideal for domestic moves, lump-sum packages and independent assignees who need and value flexibility. Everyone needs some type of support when moving to a new destination and the “Virtual” Consultant can be invaluable to the assignee and their family.

Assignees should utilize online resources to gather information.  Ask Alexa and Siri for data that can assist you, but rely on an experienced Consultant for insights, guidance and personal support.


Written by Cheryl Hart

Director, Destination Services


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