Aligning Relocation Policies

The Situation

US-based diversified global manufacturer aiming to more closely align global talent development and retention with global mobility. Global assignments were being managed differently across various operational units of the organization. The company had experienced early disruption of assignments; attrition upon return from assignments; assignees reported feeling unprepared for the personal and professional challenges they encountered.  Multiple vendors were used for intercultural assessments and intercultural training, making it difficult to monitor the overall impact of intercultural services.

IOR Solution

Align all business units under one relocation policy using a single intercultural partner that includes pre-assignment assessment to create customized development plans for all assignees. Incorporate the results of the assessments and development plans into the intercultural training program to maximize the value of the assessments.

What it Looks Like in Action:

  • The RMC for the company is directed to exclusively use IOR for all services.
  • IOR provides a discounted price based on providing all services
  • IOR receives an authorization from the RMC for assessment and intercultural training
  • The assignee and spouse receive links to take the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)* and Global Competencies Inventory (GCI)* from IOR
  • After completing the assessments, they schedule the debrief coaching discussion with IOR’s certified assessors
  • The assessor provides a written summary of the results and plan for development with the company HR
  • The assessor briefs the intercultural trainer on the discussion and shares assessment results to incorporate into the intercultural training
  • The trainer completes the intercultural training program
  • Evaluations are submitted to the RMC to forward to the company at time of billing.


  • Streamlined mobility assessment and intercultural development company-wide
  • More value in intercultural assessments when follow-up during intercultural training
  • Ability to collect data on successful and challenging assignments and track whether particular assessment scores correlate with assignment success
  • Ability to offer post-program assessment to determine if global business acumen increased as a result of the assignment and developmental planning