Getting Books & Materials

How do I get books and materials for my student(s)?

IOR language teachers should use a variety of materials for their lessons. Each of your students has a budget based on the client approval. Please check your confirmation email for the student’s initial materials budget and Assignment Pro for the most up-to-date information.

Option 1:

  • Teachers may purchase their own materials with prior approval, but must send a receipt with their Lesson Record submission in Assignment Pro by the first of each month
  • Please check with your Language Program Manager before buying materials to to ensure that your expenses will be approved.

Option 2:

  • You may send your Language Program Manager a link to the materials your student needs. Our office will purchase the materials and have them sent to the address you or your student provides.

Any teaching materials used directly by the student are paid for by the student’s employer, and are thus the property of the student. The student’s materials budget cannot be used to reimburse expenses for costs related to online meeting platforms.