Cancellations & Delays

How do I handle cancellations and delays?

Student Cancellations

  • Classes cancelled or rescheduled by the student with less than 24-hours’ notice will be considered a class given and you will be paid. IOR uses this policy in order to protect our language teachers by ensuring payment for any classes cancelled at the last minute.

Excessive Student Cancellations

  • If you have tried to motivate the student and continuously contacted him/her with no success, please let your Language Program Manager know as soon as possible! Your Language Program Manager will try to reach out to the student and may need to notify the client company as well.

Student Delays

  • If your student does not show up for a confirmed lesson, try to contact him or her by phone. If the student does not show up for the first lesson, please wait for 30 minutes before leaving (you will be paid for your time). For subsequent lessons, you should wait at least 15 minutes before leaving.

Teacher Cancellations

  • If you cannot give a lesson due to illness or transportation problems, you must inform the student as soon as possible and schedule a make-up class. While we understand illness and last minute circumstances cannot be avoided, please try to give your students the same courtesy of a 24-hour notice that they are asked to give you. Teachers cannot bill for lessons that they themselves cancel.

Teacher Extended Absences

  • If you cannot give a lesson for more than one month, discuss this with your student. If they would like to continue lessons in your absence, tell your Language Program Manager so that we can find a substitute teacher.