Destination Services Consultant: CA, TN, VA, BC, MB, NS

April 2019 By: Careers

IOR DSC positions are freelance. Available work is on a part-time, as needed basis

As an independent contractor for IOR, a Destination Services Consultant (DSC) provides customized support to relocating corporate employees and their families. The objective of this critical service is to ease the challenges associated with international and domestic moves. The corporate client will typically authorize 2 to 5 days of assistance for the relocating employee to include such tasks as area orientation, rental home finding, school support for dependents and a variety of settling in services that may include government registration, opening a local bank account and securing a driver’s license. Departing or repatriating assignees are another type of program support, typically approved for 1 day of DSC assistance, involving the coordination of notice to the landlord, closing off utilities and open accounts, along with final walk through of the rental to facilitate return of the security deposit. Programs can extend over a period of several months based on the timing of their arrival, the family’s specific needs and work start date for the assignee.


Current location needs follow:

  • Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Jackson, TN
  • Fresno, CA
  • Narrow, VA
  • Roanoke, VA

If you are interested or know someone who may be, please send your resume and cover letter to