Assignment Pro FAQ


Which browser should I use?

  • We suggest Chrome for the best functionality, but this platform is accessible on all


Can we edit the provided templates, to add additional information, links, or attachments?

  • Yes, you can edit the templates to add additional information, links, attachments, people in copy or BCC, subject line details, etc.

Can we create our own templates and save them in APro?

  • No, you cannot create your own templates in Apro.

Are we migrating away from Outlook for our email and only using APro for emails?

  • We are not moving away from Outlook; APro is just adding a way for us to share suggested templates with you!

Is it possible to only select certain events when printing the agenda or saving it as a PDF?

  • Agendas will always contain all the tasks/dates in the

 Most apartments have their own move-in form. Are we able to upload that?

  • No, please email this document to your Your DPM will upload it into APro so that it is viewable by the assignee in their MEE app.

Can you select and upload multiple images for the same room?

  • Each picture should be uploaded individually, clearly named, and with the approriate issue.

Should we take pictures of everything or just issues?

  • Photos should only be taken of noted issues.

How will the assignee see the photos?

  • The assignee will see the photos in the MEE Also, the DPM can see every photo and download them into one file to share out as needed.

Most landlords or their realtors request a copy of the report with photos. How will we share a full report with them?

  • Your DPM can send you a copy of the report and a file with all the folders to share with the landlord/realtor.

Where should we break down face-to-face tasks vs. admin/research?

  • The tasks are described to explain whether the task is face-to-face or admin/research. Please choose the task in the dropdown that most closely describes the task you’ve completed & report the time it There is no other place where you need to break down face-to-face vs. admin/research.

Can we edit status report entries later?

  • Any page can be edited if the service order is still open. If you need to re-open a closed service order, reach out to your DPM.

MEE App? What’s that? I thought there was no app.

  • MEE stands for Mobile Employee Experience. This is an app just for the assignees to access resources, documents related to their program, city guides, and more. Other departments at IOR (like our language training department) use the MEE app for their support as well.
  • There is no app for the DSC to use. However, you can access APro from any device, tablet, phone, etc.

What if the assignee doesn’t use the MEE app?

  • The MEE app is a bonus, if they’d like to see everything in one place. However, anything in the MEE app will also be emailed to the assignees first and foremost.