Q. What is IRMA and what does IRMA stand for?

  • IRMA is IOR’s proprietary data management system.  IRMA allows us to easily access pertinent, up-to-date information for communicating and offering you new opportunities with IOR clients.  The information you provide is private and will not be shared unless we receive your permission to do so.
  • IRMA stands for Integrated Resource Management Application.

Q. I tried to access IRMA and the system says The username or email address does not exist. Please contact your program manager!” What am I doing wrong?

  • Please make sure you are using the primary email address that IOR uses to contact you.  If you aren’t sure which email address we have on file, please ask your Program Manager.

Q. Will my program still be confirmed via email or just through IRMA?

  • The Cultural Training program confirmations will still come through email. The system that sends this email is directly linked to IRMA, so you are able to view that program in IRMA immediately after you receive the confirmation.

Q. Will all documents be emailed when I accept a program?

Q. I logged into IRMA, and I don’t see my open programs even though I do have several. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Please notify your Program Manager as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

Q. If I uploaded an expense or document incorrectly, what do I do?

  • You can edit or delete expenses or documents as needed prior to clicking “I agree, my program is complete.” and the final “Save and Submit to IOR” on the Finish Program tab.

Q. How will my Program Manager notify me if a program is incomplete or missing something?

  • Follow these instructions:
  1. If you try to close out a program and there are missing documents and/or discrepancies, your Program Manager will re-open the program for you in IRMA:
  2. You will receive an email notification from with a link to your program and the reason your Program Manager re-opened the program.
  3. Click on the link to make the necessary changes to your program, and re-submit for closure.

Q. Does IRMA show me a list of Closed Programs?

  • Yes, please click on “Closed Programs” on the main screen to view your past programs.

Q. Can I edit expenses or documents in Closed Programs?     

  • You cannot add additional expenses or documents to closed programs. If you need to add additional content to a closed program, (ie you forgot to upload a Participant Evaluation) please send it to your Program Manager via email.

Q. Will I receive any notifications on payment?

  • At this time, our Accounting Department does not send a notification for payment postings; however, you will receive an email after each expense is “Approved” by your Program Manager.  The email will come from  Per our Invoicing Policies tab, you will be paid within 30 days from closing your