Intercultural Program Overview

What We Accomplish

Practical and flexible, intercultural programs help employees and families develop the skills and strategies necessary to adapt to their host country and perform effectively in their business and personal lives. These programs accelerate the learning curve by providing:

  • Greater understanding of the destination culture’s values and their impact on the performance of professional and social functions
  • Useful tools for managing the intercultural adaptation process in the participant’s personal and professional lives
  • Practical knowledge and tips on daily life in the destination culture
  • Deeper insight into the destination culture’s communication styles
  • Personal and professional strategies for achieving greater effectiveness and satisfaction during the assignment

Program Customization

If in your pre-program conversation with the participant(s) you realize that they would like additional topics not covered on the agenda, please inform participants that although their request might be outside of the training curriculum, it may be possible to substitute or provide additional training modules. We rely on your expertise to customize the program. Please inform your Intercultural Program Manager if this discussion arises and IOR will determine the best way to serve the client.

IOR programs emphasize the application of adult learning principles

  • Focus on the expatriate’s role as decision-maker and problem solver in business and personal life
  • Use cultural consultants in the role of expert informant rather than presenter
  • Emphasize a variety of activities and exercises
  • Use the Adult Learning Cycle: Experience, Reflect, Conceptualize, Plan (Kolb)
  • Result in tangible learning outcomes