Intercultural Program Closure, Invoicing Policies:

You must submit your documents within 48 hours of program completion

After your program takes place, please log on to IRMA, at to record your expenses, receipts, and program evaluations. 

 Please click here to view the IRMA Training webcast (11 min) – All consultants are required to submit program expenses and final paperwork through IRMA. You will need to use IRMA in order to get paid!

  • All charges must be pre-authorized by the Training Department in order to qualify for reimbursement
  • No expenses will be accepted without uploading your dated and itemized receipts
  • Only mileage will be accepted without a receipt
  • Expenses will only be reimbursed if received within 48 hours after program delivery
  • IOR’s terms of payment are 30 days from the date we receive your documents

If you experience any difficulty with IRMA, please contact your Program Manager as soon as possible.