House-Hunting Trip

Prior to House-Hunting Trip:

  • Arrange for a babysitter for children, if necessary.
  • Write an emergency medical release form for children in your absence.
  • Obtain as much information as possible about your destination city in advance through relocation specialists, internet research, former expatriates, company personnel, etc.
  • View rental housing options on internet to adjust eyes to budget.
  • Arrange appointments at overseas schools; take copies of your children’s present curriculum and school records.
  • Determine housing needs priority list by considering all family members’ requests.
  • Pack a tape measure for the trip.

On the House-Hunting Trip:

  • Locate housing according to personal needs: proximity to good school, commute time, safety, proximity to transportation, size, etc.
  • Visit appropriate schools for home chosen. Pre-register if possible.
  • Select bank; set-up account if possible.
  • With family temporary living needs in mind (while your furniture is in transit) compare hotels for facilities, proximity to work, school, recreational activities and general comfort.
  • Check which items are not available in local stores to help you plan your shipment.
  • Check local newspapers, newsletters, craigslist, gumtree, etc. which might contain information about resale items, social and recreational club activities, etc. (E.g. newsletters from the International Women’s Club, Chamber of Commerce, International/American school).
  • Once a home has been selected, take pictures of the inside/outside for reference and for family and friends.
  • Obtain renters’ insurance.
  • Measure rooms and windows and record on a floor plan.
  • Research appliances – cost, voltage, capacity, service, etc.
  • Check on clubs, spouse and children’s activities, churches, medical facilities.