Development Assessments

Country NavigatorTM

Web-based tool that analyzes individual cultural values and preferences:

  • International assignees and frequent business travelers: provides basis for more effective interaction with other cultural groups
  • Managers/ Team leaders: assists internal team building working with multicultural teams

Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES)

Assesses 6 dimensions essential for Intercultural Competence.

  • Employees: to help employees understand how they engage people from other cultures
  • Teams: to highlight the strengths of global teams
  • HR/Management: to serve as a basis for employee coaching and developmental plans

Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICSI)

Assesses communication style preferences to foster Intercultural Awareness for:

  • Teams or workgroups: to clarify culturally-influenced communication styles and their impact on collaboration; acts as tool for cross-cultural conflict resolution

The International Profiler (TIP)

Assesses relative energy & attention placed on selected Intercultural Competencies for:

  • Employees: to prepare for international assignments
  • To use in conjunction with coaching in lead roles within and among multicultural workgroups