How to close a DS Program

Closing Your Program in IRMA:

Please use these steps to close your program in IRMA:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Click View next to the program that you are ready to close out
  3. (If expenses are pre- approved) Under the Expenses Tab: Click Add Expense and select the category of the expense that you are ready to upload.
    • All receipts must be uploaded in order for expenses to be reimbursed
    • You can delete or edit expenses at any time before clicking “I agree, my program is complete.” and the final “Save and Submit to IOR” on the Finish Program Tab.
  4. After you complete each expense, make sure you click the “Save and Submit to IOR” button
  5. After you have completed expenses click the Supporting Documents Tab
  6. Click the Finish Program Tab
    • Complete the Post Program Evaluation (for trainers/consultants) by clicking “Start Survey”
    • Once complete, click “Done” on the final page of the survey you will be returned to the Finish Program Tab

Please contact your DPM if you have any questions.