Departure Services

Moving On

Departure support is just as important as pre-departure services for the employee and family as they prepare to return home, or continue on to another assignment. IOR’s Departure Services Consultants are there to help employees with the transition back home or to the next location. As the relocation process begins again, IOR’s support allows the employee to focus more fully on transitioning work responsibilities and the family to close their experience on a positive note.

IOR also knows how important it is for your company to have an advocate close at hand to represent their best interests as the assignment comes to a close. We will conduct a final "walk-through" with the landlord and work to facilitate the return of 100% of our client’s security deposit. As we move into the final phase of the cycle of Expatriate Support, we provide a full menu of services:

Home Closing

Moving out is a detailed process, and IOR Destination Services Consultants will: contact landlords; complete and document move-out inspections; terminate car and home leases, including renter's insurance; cancel utilities, phone, internet and cable; arrange for cleaning services; return rental furniture or assist with selling household items; facilitate required property repairs; and handle other assignee issues.

School Transfers

IOR Consultants advise on the procedures for cancelling school registration as needed and transferring documents to the home school or school in the family’s next destination.

Personal and Social Registrations

IOR Consultants help expatriates cancel local governmental registrations and documentation, club memberships and subscription services, and arrange for mail forwarding. They also help transition medical records from their doctors, dentists, veterinarians, etc. to the new location.

Financial Concerns

IOR Consultants assist with closing bank accounts, transferring accounts, making final payments as needed and arranging for payment that might be required post-departure.

Temporary Housing

Whether a family is looking for a new home, or simply waiting for their belongings to arrive, often they need temporary accommodation. IOR Consultants make recommendations and help make temporary living arrangements for assignees and their families.