Your Role as a Daily Living Consultant

Your role as a Daily Living Consultant is to provide specific information on topics such as: health, shopping, expatriate clubs, and leisure facilities, safety, schools, banking, etc.

The daily living session is only one component of a cross-cultural orientation program. It is not intended to give all the answers but to acquaint the participant with some of the most essential aspects of living abroad. The Daily Living Consultant is NOT expected to prepare a formal presentation.

Session Purpose

This session should help participants:

  • Gather important practical information on everyday living specific to the participant’s needs, i.e. education, healthcare, logistics, etc.
  • Understand the salient differences in lifestyle experienced in the expatriate community and with local nationals
  • Gain confidence in their ability to manage their assignment by providing encouragement and additional resources

Session Style

It is difficult to ascertain beforehand what the participant has already learned or is most interested in, so it is important for this session to be flexible and responsive to the current situation. Also please familiarize yourself with the Daily Living Checklist that your trainer will use during the session.

IOR Trainer Role

The IOR Trainer is the overall facilitator of the session. In this capacity, he/she has the following responsibilities:

  • Formulate session objectives
  • Brief the consultant before the program by telephone and/or email. The trainer briefs the consultant regarding the session objectives, needs of the participants, consultant role, and necessary preparation
  • Design and facilitate the session activities