Your Role as a Business Consultant

Your role in this session is to portray your own understanding of the business culture in the host country by using ideas and examples from your own experience. You will help acquaint participants with generalized workstyle preferences in a specific international environment, and highlight some effective strategies for managing the differences.

Many participants look for the reassurance of similarities between cultures. They want to believe that modern technology and global business have standardized the world and minimized differences. While we recognize that participants need to know that many things will be comfortable and familiar, it is the differences that will pose the greater challenges.

An honest interchange of personal ideas and experiences regarding the destination culture is a significant opportunity for learning about the international environment. The Business Consultant is NOT expected to prepare a formal presentation.


Session Purpose

This session should help participants:

  • Increase understanding of how the destination culture’s value system impacts business functions and relationships
  • Identify strategies for adapting business performance to the destination culture


Session Style

The Trainer and the Intercultural Business Consultant should thoroughly review the Culturally Influenced Business Functions exercise. The assignee’s responses on this worksheet should serve as the foundation for the business discussion.


IOR Trainer Role

The IOR Trainer is the overall facilitator of the session. In this capacity, he/she has the following responsibilities:

  • Formulate session objectives
  • Brief the consultant before the program by telephone and/or email. The trainer briefs the consultant regarding the session objectives, needs of the participants, consultant role, and necessary preparation
  • Design and facilitate the session activities