Global Team Building

Global teams are cultures that leverage the diversity of members to create an effective work environment.  Using engagement exercises and assessment tools, IOR supports new team formation and can provide group or individual coaching.   We provide structure and clarity around key business objectives and facilitate team meetings so members can focus on solving problems, generating ideas and reaching their full potential.

Additionally, IOR assists with workforce integration of mergers and acquisitions. We partner with both sides of management to deeply understand and identify organizational and national cultural challenges.  Country and regional briefings offer critical insights into important business, negotiation and social strategies needed for merger success.  IOR’s cultural due diligence process uses a variety of assessment tools which measure work styles, attitudes and behaviors that impact the business environment.  IOR’s onboarding and cultural integration services help clearly identify workplace behaviors required in the new culture and then communicate and coach those behaviors throughout the organization to help retain the talent required to advance the goals of the new company.