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The Hard Numbers around a Soft Service

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Language Training often finds itself in the challenging position of being recognized as a highly beneficial service while continually having to justify its value. We regularly hear, “It’s a ‘nice-to-have’ but not necessary benefit,” or, “I can’t justify spending money … Read More »


Do you KISS your clients?

At the EuRA International Relocation Congress held recently in Warsaw, Poland, IOR President Kendra Mirasol led a popular panel discussion highlighting continuous improvement strategies for Destination Services Providers around the globe.  Audience members were also introduced to the KISS exercise … Read More »


The Modern Assignee: As Cool as Coffee?

“Wanna get a Starbucks?” my friend asked as we enjoyed a walk recently.  “Sure!” I replied, looking forward to my regular order and the classic … Read More »


Talking the Talk: The Role of Language in Talent Management

Mark Frederick, Ph.D. Director, Global Talent Management

Agata Paciora, MBA Director, Language Training

When working with other cultures, it is important not only to understand various behaviors and … Read More »


Top 10 Advantages of Knowing Another Language

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Agata Paciora, MBA Director, Language Training

While many would argue that English is becoming “the” universal business language, we polyglots know that speaking a foreign language is really a secret … Read More »

Houston Texas

Houston: An American Emerging Market?

Home to the largest medical community in the world, Houston is also known for its “energy corridor” and international port.   This  makes for the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the nation, including New York.  We asked several of our expert IOR destination service … Read More »


Working Virtually Across Cultures

When communicating with colleagues around the world, email, teleconference and phone calls are the most common methods.  What happens, though, to the communication when those colleagues speak different languages, use different patterns of … Read More »


Does Your Language Training Measure Up?

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Language is a difficult skill to measure and smart companies are right to question whether a training program is worth the investment.  A common equation used to calculate success is determining how much time was saved by the participants as … Read More »


Cheers! Toasting Across Cultures

How to say cheers in 33 languagesThe Zulu people, an ethnic group of southern Africa say “Ooogy Wawa” which translates … Read More »


Would Olympians Make Good Expats?

A conversation with U.S. Olympian Michael Blatchford

After countless years of training, thousands of athletes from around the world have now arrived at London’s Olympic Village.  Like an expatriate, many of these Olympians must quickly adapt to the new environment in … Read More »